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The Lewis Family Awards

Apply now for the $3000 Make it Matter Award! Click the button below to review the requirements and submit your application materials. If you don't qualify for the Make it Matter Award, you may still be eligible for the $500 If I Can't Fix it Milestone Award.
Make It Matter Award
The annual Lewis Family Make It Matter Award champions the development of innovative solutions that address the world’s most challenging problems. At each fall Expo, the Lewis family will award $3,000 to the creator(s) of working product prototype ready to move toward commercialization. The award is open to individuals and teams who have developed a minimum viable product (MVP) at CU Denver Inworks.
A brief application along with a business plan, slide deck, and video are required to be eligible for the Make It Matter award.
Fall 2018 Application Deadline: December 5, 2018 | 5pm
If I Can't Fix It Milestone Award
The If I Can't Fix It milestone award will be given by the Lewis family annually at each spring Expo. This award provides $500 to stand-out individuals and teams with strong product concepts and initial prototypes. This award is intended to incentivize continued development on early designs and progress toward a minimum viable product.
The If I Can’t Fix It milestone award requires no application; every individual or team working at Inworks is automatically eligible!

The Lewis Family

Our family is honored to offer these awards because we were inspired by the Inworks tagline, “Make It Matter.” The Inworks community and program is something that our late father, Drew, and our late Aunt Nancy would have loved, encouraged and embraced. We have been guided by the memory of these two family members to encourage others to be who they are, enjoy everything they do, and make a difference within their community. The legacy they left with us was to make the lives of others easier by always being there to help and to make our work kind and impactful. Even though they're not with us today, the two Lewis Family Awards will honor our father and our aunt by sharing their spirit of encouraging meaningful progress in the world.
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