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Make it Matter Award Application

The Lewis Family’s $3000 Make It Matter Award is open to all students and community members who have created their functional prototype at Inworks. This application has been closed, thank you to all who applied!

Application Requirements

  1. Business plan executive summary (2-pages maximum)
  2. Functional product prototype to be showcased at Inworks Expo (alternative accommodations must be coordinated directly with Steve Lewis if your prototype can’t be demonstrated at Expo)
  3. Pitch Slide deck about your prototype (10-slides maximum)
  4. A final bill of materials (BOM) for your functional product prototype (includes the quantity, description, and cost for each material or component required)
  5. *Optional*  video (2-minutes maximum)

To apply, please email requirements as attachments or links to

Also Cc the email to,, and

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