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Making it Matter

Everything is invented, and every invention is brought to life by a group of innovators who analyze, imagine, try, fail, persist, and eventually succeed. We believe that anyone can learn to do the same – you just need the right tools, mindsets, and methodologies.

Inworks is an innovation initiative of the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus. A home for creators, thinkers, designers, and makers, we’re a collaborative community of learners and leaders committed to solving humanity’s most pressing problems. In our two state-of-the-art prototyping labs, we draw on expertise from many disciplines to synthesize unique solutions to real-world challenges. At Inworks, we learn and teach through making, but we don’t just make things – we make them matter.

Inworks Innovation Formula


Radical Interdisciplinarity

In an age where everything is connected to everything else, the knowledge needed to solve a problem is often to be found in a completely different domain than the problem itself. But there’s more to it. Collaborating with others might give you the key information you’re missing, but the real impact happens when diverse ways of thinking collide, giving rise to genuinely new ideas.


Design Thinking 

Design thinking is less about thinking and more about doing. Practicing this approach means developing solutions to complex problems using equal parts empathy and evidence, creativity and practicality to match human need with feasibility.


Computational Thinking 

There’s way more to it than writing code. Many problems can be solved (or the solutions enhanced) using digital technology. Computational thinking allows us to create human artifacts of every kind – structures, art, music, medicine, aircraft, entertainment, entire worlds of imagination – using computing as the instrument of creation.


Disruptive Innovation

Most innovations are incremental improvements to existing systems. A few innovations change the value proposition to such an extent that they disrupt an entire market. Both types are necessary, and the fusion of interdisciplinary collaboration, design, and computational thinking brings them within reach.

Making it Count

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To our students, community members, and collaborators:

Sorry we had to part so abruptly. Normal operations at Inworks have drastically changed, and we’re hard at work to find a path forward in the wake of COVID-19. Our mission remains the same: To impart skills and habits of mind that allow people to collaboratively create impactful solutions to human problems.   
Although we closed our prototyping lab doors in mid-March, we haven’t been idle. We have spun off an initiative called Make4Covid that leverages the distributed network of Colorado-based designers, makers, and manufacturers to create face shields for healthcare professionals. Our downtown lab has become a 3D-printing nexus in collaboration with University of Colorado Denver’s Mechanical Engineering department, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the Comcast Media and Technology Center.   
Downtown prototyping lab resources are in the process of being adapted to remote users. We feel strongly that all our users should have the opportunity to learn how to design prototypes and program electronic circuits, so online content is being created to fulfill that goal. Inworks’ operations on the Anschutz Medical Campus have transitioned to remote-only, and our prototyping lab in the Strauss Health Sciences Library is closed for the time being; however, we continue to design, prototype, print, and collaborate off-site, and encourage you to reach us at  
Despite the current stay-at-home orders and self-isolation, Inworks continues to be your resource for creating what your intellect imagines. Your Inworks badge and your credentials will be intact when we open our doors again, and we will extend free workshop access to all current Inworks students for the remainder of the year. 

All the best,

The Inworks Team