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Our Mission

Inworks is an initiative of the University of Colorado Denver│Anschutz Medical Campus that draws together faculty, staff and students from across the two campuses, as well as entrepreneurs and leaders from industry, government, education and the community, to address problems of importance to human society. Our mission is to impart skills and habits of mind that allow people to collaboratively create impactful solutions to human problems. 


Inworks seeks to create innovative solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems, while in the process creating life-long innovators.

Interdisciplinary Innovation

Solutions to the hard problems that confront modern society generally require more than one kind of knowledge, and the knowledge needed to solve such problems is often to be found in a completely different domain than the problem itself. Interdisciplinary innovation is thus an essential tool for solving challenging problems, and an essential skill set for people entering the future workforce.

Today’s college graduates will likely have more than ten different careers during their lifetime, and half of those jobs do not exist today. How should we prepare our students for careers that do not yet exist? How do we create an environment in which students learn and practice interdisciplinary innovation? We seeks to answer those questions by creating a potent culture for learning, collaboration and experimentation. 

Our Culture

At Inworks you can expect support, opportunity and accountability. We are a community of innovators, creative thinkers, and empathetic change-makers.

We work to better ourselves so that we may improve the lives of others. We want to change the world, and ourselves

We respect each other’s person, property, intellect and preference. We respect each other’s ambitions, abilities, and limitations. We respect each other.

We approach our work with purpose, passion and humility. We exhibit and expect integrity and transparency in our interactions with others.

We expect tolerance, patience, persistence, and optimism from ourselves and from each other. We expect to be held accountable by our colleagues.

We embrace intellectual and emotional breadth. We embrace differences. We support one another as friends, colleagues, teammates, and collaborators.

We communicate. We care. We disagree. We lead. We have fun. We collaborate. We laugh. We listen.

We create impactful solutions to human problems in a culture of innovation, creativity, respect, and collaboration.

Stories + Projects

Inworks + Children's Hospital Animator Create 3D Printed Heart Model

Inworks CU Anschutz has been busy collaborating with a team of medical animators at Children’s Hospital Colorado to create 3D printed heart models. Physicians will use the detailed models to better explain complex heart conditions to patients and their families. 

Berrien Chidsey, the lead animator working on the project, explains that holding a physical object is very helpful to patients because they don’t have to try to imagine an organ in three-dimensional space – they can see exactly how it works. Next in their ongoing collaboration, Berrien and the Inworks team will explore ways in which augmented or virtual reality might enhance patient understanding. 

Inworks Team Invents Wristband that Glows When Users are Intoxicated

Student innovators from Inworks at CU Denver teamed up to develop a wristband that glows when wearers are too drunk to drive. The wristband, which is 100 percent biodegradable, is made from bacterial cellulose and contains an enzyme that reacts with alcohol naturally excreted through the skin. They hope this will help prevent alcohol-related deaths – the third-highest preventable cause of death in the United States…

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Inworks + College of Architecture and Planning Students Put Their Mark on Pop-up Park

It’s not often that an undergraduate student gets to build something that thousands of people will pass through as they enter a lush and leafy reprieve from the sea of concrete. CU Denver students got to ditch the classroom in favor of turning soil, pounding nails and solving in-the-field design problems during a Maymester Design Build class. They put their creative stamp on an entire city block, installing archways that grace the entrances to a new City of Denver concept…

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