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Downtown Prototyping Lab FAQ's

What Does Lab Access Look Like in 2021?

Lab access is available through our prototyping platform or based on appointment. Appointments are available for activities that benefit from being in person and a Zoom call may be required to coordinate prior to an in-person appointment. Generally, we will leverage blended approaches to maximize access to prototyping. This means working digitally and using Zoom calls to prepare files and, in many cases, complete initial fabrication. Testing, assembly, and troubleshooting will be accommodated through appointments. 

What are Next Steps?

We have different levels of lab access at this time, and students of our partner courses have the most access this semester. To find what services are available to you at this time, take the user intake form below. There will be an informative Youtube video at the end as well as a link to engage with us further.

Already on MakerOS?

If you have already registered your project on our prototyping platform then you’re able to drop off materials and pick-up projects during the following times:

Mon – Wed: 9a – 5:30p
Thurs: 10a – 12p
Friday: 10a – 3p

Note: All campus-wide Covid-19 protocols are strictly enforced without exception, including 6′ distancing and masks that adequately cover the mouth and nose.

User Intake Form

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Interested in self-study?

Beginner programming tutorials and a detailed run-down on our woodworking equipment can be found on our Online Resources page.

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