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Electronics Basics

Check out the following tutorials on different aspects of electronics, including soldering, an Introduction to Arduino, and learning the software to make your own Personal Circuit Boards (PCBs).

Soldering Tutorial Intro to Arduino Hardware Arduino Programming for Beginners Intro to EAGLE - Circuit Design Software Intro to Circuit Board Milling Intermediate Arduino Programming

Woodworking Crash Course

Check out the following downloadable workshops to learn all there is to know about the woodworking tools we utilize at Inworks. Woodworking is an understated art in an age of 3D printing and is more accessible than you might think. Consider the fact one can buy all of the woodworking equipment featured below for the same price as a Prusa 3D printer.

General Resources for Students

Our student assistants thoughtfully compiled a list of resources that they thought would be useful for our users during this time. Please check out the following to see if you, friends, or family would benefit from these resources.

Affordable Internet at Home Drop-in Zoom Tutoring Volunteer with Make4Covid CU Denver Coronavirus Updates
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Hello Innovators!

This summer, Inworks staff will be redesigning the space to optimize operation and bring in new equipment for the upcoming semester. We will only be taking 3D prints & laser cutting requests on a case-by-case basis.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us at

We look forward to seeing everyone in the Fall!

All the best,

The Inworks Team