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Spring 2021 Courses

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Many Inworks courses also count toward the Digital Studies certificate. Check out that program for undergrads or graduate students.

IWKS 2100/5100

Intro to Human-Centered Design, Innovation and Prototyping

Introduces students to a design methodology known as human-centered design, which can be harnessed to stimulate innovation in various career fields and industries. Through in-class activities and learning an array of prototyping tools, students will build up the skills necessary to develop their own projects in the second half of the course. Team projects apply the design process and culminate in a product, service, or system that is designed from scratch. All students from any major are welcome to take this course.

Suggested Background: None
Credit hours: 3
Cross-listed with: ARCH 3705
Schedule: Tues/Thurs 12:30 pm – 1:45 pm
Format: Remote

IWKS 2300

Computational Foundations of Innovation

Introduces fundamental principles of computing related to innovation. Students learn to utilize computational power by writing simple programs. They will learn the principles of computing through a combination of short lectures and guided exercises. Over the course of the semester, they will also become increasingly competent programmers. This iteration of the course uses the Python programming language, which has been shown to be an good learning language, and has also become a high-demand job skill for scientific, engineering, and data science applications.

Suggested Background: None
Credit hours: 3
Cross-listed with: ENGR 1100
Format: Asynchronous – Fully Online

IWKS 3100/5170

3D Design and Prototyping

Introduces the design and computer-controlled fabrication of three dimensional objects using both additive (3D printing) and subtractive (laser cutter, CNC router / milling machine) processes. Various commercial and open-source software tools for 3D design (CAD), manufacturing (CAM) and visualization will be explored. Increasingly complex projects throughout the semester will be used to illustrate fabrication techniques. The course will culminate in a final project.

Suggested Background: None
Credit hours: 3
Cross-listed with: ARCH 3706
Schedule: Wednesday 3:30 pm – 6:20 pm
Format: Remote – Meets online every other week

IWKS 3540

Synthetic Biology for Innovators

Introduces the fundamentals of synthetic biology for those who seek to use it as tool for innovation. Synthetic biology allows us to engineer new biological systems and redesign existing biological components by integrating aspects of biotechnology, evolutionary and molecular biology, systems biology, computer engineering, computational biology, and genetic engineering. Advancement in technological tools and techniques make this material accessible to motivated individuals from many disciplines, and no biology background is required. Culminates with a final team project focused on designing synthetic biology solutions that address human need.

Suggested Background: None. No previous background in biology is required.
Credit hours: 3
Schedule: Tuesday 3:30 pm – 6:20 pm
Format: Remote – Open lab hour in the biology lab will be hosted for those interested, but they will not be required.

IWKS 4900/5900


Working closely with project sponsors, students design, implement, and evaluate a project for use by a local company or non-profit organization. One of two alternative capstone courses for the Inworks Minor in Design and Innovation.

Note: If you need to take Capstone in order to complete the minor or certificate, please reach out to Kelsie Faulds at

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