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Downtown Open Lab Hours

Mon/Thurs: 9a – 6p

Tues/Wed: 9a – 8p

Friday: 9a – 5p

Saturday: 10a – 4p

New to Inworks?

Everyone is welcome to take our workshops at any time, but once you’re interested in dropping in to do your own thing you’ll have to take our orientation first. This 30 minute orientation will introduce you to our culture as well as set you up with an Inworks badge. Your Inworks badge will allow you to come and go during Open Lab Hours and keep track of your acquired skills in our space. Orientation is free-standing at the following times– no signup required.


The two Inworks prototyping labs provide the facilities to turn good ideas into great realities. Whether you are a student, researcher, or someone looking to learn new skills we welcome you to join us. Participants in our workshops gain access to Inworks for the duration of the workshop and are able to return to practice, develop, and utilize these skills later. Our currently scheduled workshops are below– just register on EventBrite and we’ll save a space for you!

Request a Workshop

Don’t see the right time or workshop you’re looking for? Let us know!

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